wanderings in real life

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I went to a place with my boyfriend that has the reputation for being a place for men (young and old) to seek sex with very young women for money. Interestingly, I felt very welcome by most of the women there and of course the men found me disturbing because I reminded them of the wives/girlfriends they left at home to pay for sex from a girl young enough to be their daughter or worse yet their granddaughter. more on that later.

fast forward

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fast forward to the present….i have been with that man for 3 years now but i still don’t trust him.

more sl wanderings

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the virtual world is a strange and sick place. in so many ways i was such an innocent almost like a child. i was too trusting of people that i met during my wanderings and got hurt. then i met a man that sneaked inside deep inside me and i wanted to trust him. he said i could lean on him and I wanted to be able to do that desperately.

in the beginning…..

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I wish I had started a blog when I began my wanderings but how was I to know where it would lead me.  In the beginning I was a lonely and alone person. It all started with Second Life. I went there supposedly to explore the educational uses but now I know I went for the social aspects. I am a fairly quiet and kinda shy person even in the virtual online world.

Who am I?

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I am a closet goth wannabe biker chick who was reintroduced to the virtual world of online gaming by her boyfriend. If you know me then you will recognize the pics I will post but otherwise I prefer to remain anonymous.